CancúCards, memorable vacation experiencies in the Mexico Caribbean


You're just 3 steps away from an exciting vacation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya! This short video will show you how to claim your Mexican Caribbean vacation.

How Are We Able To Do This?

Even the most popular resorts rarely achieve 100% occupancy. This gave us a great idea. Because we control the inventory at our wonderful resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, we can make unbooked rooms available to you through CancunCards. We don't have to pay any commission to a middle man, so we can offer these vacation accommodations at incredible savings to you (not including a small service activation fee plus hotel taxes**). Our reward? The joy of introducing you to the beaches, activities, culture and warm hospitality of our beloved the Mexican Caribbean.

* The fee will depend on your promotional code. You can check the applicable fee either when entering your promotional code or directly with your travel advisor.
** You can check the tax rate that applies at the time you make your reservation.

Three simple steps on how to use: